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bad trip story

Me and my friend candace we're at my house and she was trying to get pot. We went to the 7 11 to pick it up and we waited there for awhile, these 2 kids our age come up and ask if we have a cigarette or something or if we have a pipe, i forget. The weed came and they all started smoking pot in the back on walgreens haha. Me and candace had stolen a lot of coriciden from albertsons hours before and we took them. We we're obsessed with coriciden at the time and always had it.

we walked back to my house and had my mom take us to all to candaces house. We couldnt go in candaces house because her mom is strict so we hung around. We went and hung out in the canal (ditch type thing) that had a lot of trees and bushes. We smoke more pot and take more pills and i started to feel like complete shit, i was still hanging out and just let my feeling shit go by. the next thing we did made me feel good but for only 2 minutes because it was so exciting :P

there was an abandoned house with a big garage in the back near the canal, and me and candace had smashed up this car in the back with baseball bats the week before. We decide to take the two guys there and show em the car haha so we go, and it's completely dark, it was like a movie sneaking into the dark garage. We we're like oh shit get a lighter so we can see, so one of the guys lights a lighter and written on the window of the car, 2 inches from our face it says, "If you ever touch this car again you'll have your HEAD CHOPPED OFF." it was so fucking scary. seeing that messege with only the light of a lighter in an abandoned garage at 12am in the morning... lol.

after we knew candaces parents went to bed we snuck into her house and went into her room. There we did absolutely nothing. I was feeling like shit so i don't know what was up with the other three. I couldnt even handle myself, i knew i was ODing. I remember my brain being lost in HELL and i couldnt breathe. I would get lost in deep thought and forget to breathe. We had taken like 30 corcidin and some dramamine this night so i don't advise you to do it. I felt like my body was being dragged into hell and every 5 seconds i would stop thinkning and relize i wasnt even breathing. I had to FORCE myself to breathe. It was the most difficult thing ever. I felt like i KNEW i was going to eventually not be able to breathe and witness every last second of it.

I'm pretty sure it was the dramamine, because i took like 15 dramamine a couple days later and i couldnt move or breathe. Dramamine is fun though, if you take like 8 or 9 :)
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